Pudendal Nerve Pain (3)

Paddle boarding and enjoying life with my children. Thanks for the peripheral nerve surgery Dr Dellon. LA

water pudendal nerve

Dr Dellon here I am sitting on this little drummer’s seat. Back to my profession after your pudendal nerve surgery. Thanks. BE

It is one year since my pudendal nerve surgery Dr Dellon. I am proud to share my 4 mo. old, my first child’s, photo with you. TxJeff Genzink marina age 4 mo

I am sitting in Rome with my friend Nicoletta. 3 years since you corrected my pudendal nerve problem. Belissimo Dr Dellon. I can sit again.

Andreas  Nicoletta sitting in Rome 3 yrs pop pudendal surgery

pudendal nerve surgery 9910 months since my pudendal nerve surgery with Dr Dellon. I am sitting at the beach without pudendal nerve symptoms. CR









Me sitting in my sports car at the top of Ebbetts Pass in the Sierra Nevada mountains last weekend. My husband I took our first real trip in three years. I had none of that pain with sitting, which was thought to be pudendal nerve but you found to be cluneal nerves. your surgery Dr Dellon was 3 months ago. The trip, without pain was quite the success. My husband says it is so wonderful to see me sit comfortably through a meal. Sometimes it's the little things in life that you take for granted that mean so much when they are gone.We cannot thank you enough for what you have done for us!

Bill & Shelly, Oregon.

oregon pud

It is 4 months since my pudendal nerve surgery with you, Dr Dellon. Here I am sitting with my husband. My original pain is gone after so many years. Tx. M


IMG 3184Me & my husband & our plane. having a normal life and fun again. 2 years since your pudendal nerve surgery, Dr Dellon. Sitting, no more rectal pain, and no more pain anywhere.

KB in Tx







I wanted to write to you an express a very heartfelt THANK YOU for healing me and allowing me to be free of pain.

My Husband John and I came to see you for my pudendal nerve surgery on December 19, 2013.

If there were ever miracles, I believe that you are the one I needed in my life to heal me. I can not begin to tell you how grateful I am that your were my Surgeon, Doctor and Friend through my harsh condition !

Thank you so much for all that you and Luiann did for me and my family .

I finally feel like a normal human being and that's all thanks to YOU .

With my sincerest thanks and gratitude , Kristy


Five years of pudendal (vestibular) pain are gone after you removed my pudendal nerve’s perineal branch neuroma. Tx Dr Dellon

U from V

smiling 14 days POp

Had horrible perineal pain and penile numbness for 5 years after my rectal biopsy and radical prostatectomy. Could not sit. Came up from New Zealand to see you. You did it. Pain is gone and here I am sitting again. Know the penis will function normally again. Thanks Dr Dellon

A & K W from NZ


Here is our daughter Meredith. Now 6 months old. Without your pudendal nerve surgery, she would not be here. Damien

Meridith Davenport

Couldn't drive without cushion even with pain meds before Dr Dellon's pudendal surgery. Definite proof I'm better! Sincerely grateful. CR

cathy richoux driving

Your care & compassion, Dr Dellon, mean more to me than I can express. You operated on me in 2011, and you still follow-up. AW.

aletha  morris dining out

Dr Dellon, I am sharing my experience with other people and I am glad to spend nice words on your unquestionable skills and on your ability to bring people back to a normal life. It is 18 months after my pudendal nerve surgery with you . Look at me at the dock ready for a long boat ride. I am sitting. And look at me sitting on stone along the French Riviera.

Thank you so much. AG.

man marine

Two weeks after my pudendal nerve surgery. I am doing my water therapy. Tx Dr Dellon CR from LA

pudendal water therapy Cathy Richoux

Kim Layman 3 yrs sittingLook at me sitting on a stone wall. Three years after you removed the PFC nerve.

Tx Doctor Dellon








Water Walking Netta Sorkin 6 mo POPHawaii Water walking! I now walk 5 miles a day & faster than my husband. 6 months since your surgery near my “sit bone”.

Tx Dr Dellon.NS







My wife and I are happy as can be after your successful PUDENDAL nerve decompression.

Tx Dr Dellon. MO from N

IMG 0152pud

DSCN5008I have finally gotten rid of the rectal burning pain. Dr. Dellon, your second surgery did the trick. It has been WONDERFUL and we pray rectal pain never returns again. I am off oral narcotics now. Morris and I are so happy.








My rectal burning pain is so much better Dr. Dellon. Your pudendal nerve surgery saved me, finally. Could sit to crochet this! AM in BA

xmas ornament aletha womack

IMG 9472K & G 2.5 years after Dr Dellon's pudendal nerve surgery. We are doing things happily married couples do.

Tx Dr D.








Scuba and so much more. Thanks for the groin pull surgery and pudendal nerve surgery Dr Dellon.  KH, Pa

IMG 0077-2 2



I am back in the saddle again thanks to your pudendal nerve surgery 2 years ago. Tx Dr Dellon

IMG 0515



IMG 8270Look at me sitting without rectal pain!! My pudendal nerve is not bothering me now after your surgery Dr Dellon.










Dyan Forest Orlando Fringe Postcard 2013 FRONT

She is back in action. Catch her show if you can. Dr Dellon



135p 800x600

I have been able to consummate the act without chemical support and feel confident of being able to do that now too. The regular spontaneous erections I might have experienced through the day still elude me (maybe not be a bad thing as I can get on with my work) but I am feeling improved sensitivity all the time.

After my bike injury and prior to surgery, I experienced a sort of complete disconnect and often felt I had a completely useless penis with reduced sensation. This as you will appreciate was very frustrating and worrying. There always was some functionality. Now after you operated and decompressed the dorsal and perineal branches of my pudendal nerve on both the left and right sides, I feel more potent and confident now and whilst not back to full form quite yet I am much happier . I am really encouraged with the progress especially in the last 10 days. There is a daily improvement which is seemingly accelerating. I do awake with some impressive erections and when I am awake I get them whether stimulated physically, visually or with close contact with my partner. They are very satisfactory. I think you've fixed me Dr Dellon. From the UK




My 5 years of pain after my pelvic fracture are gone. No more pudendal nerve (vaginal pain) after you removed the neuromas Dr Dellon



My urethral buying and vulvar pain are gone . I return to work smiling thanks to Dr Dellon's new operation. T.M., Nevada

 photo 2 800x600

It is a year and a half since you operated on me for both groin pain and pudendal nerve pain. I had an awesome past weekend with my husband and girls at Dorney Park Amusement, which is a huge amusement park around here with tons of ridiculous rollercoasters that I would have never gotten on prior to surgery. I am also in my second season of co-ed competitive softball with my husband once a week since April. I would never be where I am without your help and successful surgeries.

 IMG 4074 3 800x600

So happy sitting with my grandchildren. The pudendal nerve surgery has helped a great deal. Thanks for making my life worth living. I.R. , NY


buttock1 800x600  buttock2 800x600

Three years after you fixed my injured cluneal nerves! Here are my Senior photos from High School this year.
Thanks Dr Dellon

 sea world  vlcsnap-2011-09-19-21h15m29s140 800x600

It's been four months since my surgery for the GROIN PULL.

It is now 3 years since my injury when I fell running Cross Country in High School. I'm pain free and I feel like a new person. I have been working a lot at our local farmstand where I am constantly on my feet and moving around. I just recently started running and working out a little. Leaving for college in September and I can't thank you enough for fixing me and giving me my active life back!! My parents thank you too! Here are some photos from last month.

 golfer 800x600

My first hole-in-one. Dr Dellon, clearly many of my functions have improved now 6 months after pudendal nerve surgery. Tx from the Hamptons.

 111 800x600

Performing in Orlando. They loved me.


After my pudendal nerve surgery with you 9 months ago , Dr Dellon, I am pretty much back to the normal Mother I was prior to my accident. I have no more groin or pelvic or thigh pain. I can sit on my tush on a hard chair for dinner which I could not do for the past five years. Here I am playing with my children. Note I am sitting on the floor!

My name is Tracie G. I live in Tennessee. after 6 years of suffering excruciating pain. I was referred to Dr. Dellon to help me with pain that 16 other doctors said did not exist. They said that the pain was in my head. I could not sit , stand , walk or rest, ever. Some days I wondered why I was even still here.
My poor husband and family had to go through every single day with me that way. Needless to say, I wasn't myself anymore due to impingements of my pudendal nerve, and my sciatic nerve.

I suffered burning, like lightning, in my genitals , my pelvis and inner thighs.

Dr. Dellon diagnosed the added impingements of the clunial nerve , genitofemoral nerves, and the illoinguinal nerves.

After surgeries with Dr. Dellon, and his wonderful staff, I am able to be alive again, with no pain.

I am able to enjoy all the little things that most people take for granted again.

He saved my life.

God helped me get better by working through Dr. Dellon. and his special gifts and talents have been my saving grace.
I actually got to attend one of my dearest friends grand opening at his salon, with the special appearance by Carson Kressley. It was a great day for me. Thank you so much Dr. Dellon.

I am able to smile again.



Tracie G.

I have had pain for 10 1/2 years until I went to see Dr. Dellon.

It started out thinking I had a yeast or vaginal infection with burning and itching. I went to see my gynecologist and he proved me wrong with the cultures he took.

He sent me to see a Dr. Krumholz who specialized in the cervix and vulva. He told me I had Vulvodynia and I took it from there. At least I was able to have someone pinpoint what I had. He wanted to do some kind of surgical procedure right away! I ran from him.

I then spent my years going to Drs. all over the country. I saw a Dr Robert Moldwin ( urologist), Dr. Elizabeth Stewart/ Boston, Dr. Renney and his team in Houston, Dr. Mark Conway in New Hampshire, Drs. in New York and on and on.

The surgeons recommended surgery, but they wanted to cut into the muscle and tissue in order to get to the pudendal nerve. They all said it will be a long recovery , but none of them kept good records. How can you perform a surgery and not follow it up? So, I was out of their     offices.

I had procedures done and took all kinds of medical tests for years. I have suffered this disease for 10 1/2 years and in those years I had Nerve Blocks ( both by palpation and through a Cat Scan.) I had test after test from all the Drs. I saw. I saw Physical Therapists, Psychologists,hypnotists, acupuncture,  mega amounts of medicines, including large amounts of Opiods every day. I had 3 D & C's , 2 manually, and one surgically, where polyps were found and taken out.

I had two Latency tests which were not exactly comfortable, but the both Drs. who took those tests said I was definitely a candidate for the  surgery where they cut through the muscle and tissue in order to get to the nerve. I had so many tests, and took so much drugs, I can't       remember 1/2 of them!

All I know is no matter what I did or who I went to see,( these  were the best Drs. in this country), but not one of them could help me! 10 years of suffering 24/7.

My gynecologist, Dr. Deborah Coady specializes in all kinds of vaginal diseases. She coincidentally met Dr. Dellon at an IPPS conference this year. He specializes in nerves. She spoke to him about me and some other women from her practice, and he told her to send me       to see him.  She had a lot of confidence in him, and advised me to see him.  For the first time in all of these years, I started to feel positive.

I went to see him in Baltimore. Both my husband and myself liked him very much and he gave us a positive feeling of trust. I made an appointment that day to have the surgery done in a few months.

I had the operation, and finally, after all of these years, I feel at least 80% better and it's has only been 4 months since the surgery.

This was fate - it was just meant to be. After all of the other doctors and their high reputations, there medications, their blocks, recommendations, etc. No one was able to help me except Dr. Dellon!

I would recommend him in a minute. He really knows how to work on nerves ( which is a very delicate operation), and even though I feel 80% better now, I have faith that it will still get better than this. This is a nerve that was compressed for many years, so I feel it is normal to take longer to heal.

Dr. Dellon's method of surgery was wonderful, and now I walk around with a smile on my face again!


Mrs. Linda P


Diane is at the top of the world in Tibet at the Palace after pudendal nerve surgery with Dr Dellon.

Debbie has the pain in her "butt" removed by Dr Dellon's surgery. 

My rectal pain is gone. Four four years, since my vaginal/rectal surgery I have felt like there was a "thorn in my rosebud", a sticking pain just to the side of my anus. Well, now Dr Dellon, since your surgery on my pudendal nerve , that "thorn" is left in Baltimore, and I am painfree home in Florida. Thanks for all that you did for me and the care you extended to Morris and I while we were there with you. We will be forever grateful for all that you did. Please feel free to use my story if it might help someone in the future.                          




Actress returns to her own one-woman show off-Broadway following pudendal nerve surgery by Dr Dellon.






It is just 7 weeks since my pudendal nerves were released through your vertical transgluteal lower incisions, and I am doing quite well. I am more and more active as each day passes. I especially love the fact that walking is no longer painful for me as it was prior to surgery! I am not having an y ano-rectal nerve pain--and just that has made such a difference in how I feel about life!!

I've been spending more and more time in the garden, which is my joy. I have probably been doing more bending and squatting than I should. Often the next day I have more pain due to that, but sometimes I just can't help myself. I think in general, the more active I am, within reas on, the better I feel.

I still have tenderness over some areas of the incisions when I press deeply or even when I touch the areas lightly. I also have tenderness over parts of the ischial tuberosities when I press deeply. The right side, as always, is worse than the left. But even all that is getting better I think, and it may be that I'll be able to start sitting at some point for short periods of time.

I have started a slow taper off my drugs. All good news.

L from Portsmouth

A world of gratitude for your personal attention, Dr Dellon, to both my case and the next chapter in my life.Your insight into what I needed to do to recover is inspirational. My pudendal nerve pain is clearly improving. It is three months since the surgery I am back to work as a photographer, and enjoying life with my family again.



Tracy is able to sit again after pudendal nerve decompression by Dr Dellon. Her problem likely started from gymnastic and dancing injuries. She has had pain for four previous years. She is now 4 months since Dr Dellon's neurolysis of the pudendal nerve through a posterior approach and can sit again without the previous pain or pudendal nerve symptoms.


 dress 320x200

Kate goes to her Winter Ball, in Missouri: She is able to walk and dance after Dr. A Lee Dellon corrected the problem in her left hip, groin, and buttock.




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