Dr. Dellon’s new book is reviewed in the official newsletter, SYNAPSE, of the American Society for Peripheral Nerve

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Joint Denervation: An Atlas of Surgical Techniques, by A. Lee DellonBook Cover final

In his new text, Dr. Lee Dellon, with contributor, Dr. Andreas Gohritz, describes surgical solutions to joint pain. He offers the concept that joint pain is not a phenomenon of only ligaments, cartilage, and bone, but is instead "ultimately transmitted, if not derived, from a peripheral nerve". The concept of peripheral nerve involvement in joint pain is not novel, as described in detail in the first chapter of the book, with origins dating to the mid-19th century in Germany and with reference to da Vinci's drawing of a nerve to a joint (likely the anterior interosseous nerve) in 1505. Highlights to anatomical and surgical contributions over the next 167 years leading to this publication are covered. Dr. Dellon debunks common concerns raised by opponents to joint denervation, including loss of proprioception and causing a Charcot joint by summarizing the published evidence on each topic. The book thoroughly describes the anatomy, evaluation, surgical technique, complications, and results related to each anatomical site to offer guidance for the reader to apply clinically. Each chapter is highlighted with clinical examples to provide additional learning pathways. The book covers all joints in the extremities and even includes the temporomandibular joint, as nerves are not limited to the extremities alone. Not included are joints related to the spine and sacroiliac region, but reference to another text on this topic is provided.

The text is overall very well-written and easy to navigate and includes a nice balance of clear illustrations and photographs to help educate the reader. Dr. Dellon incorporates personal anecdotes which delineate the motivation for his journey and nicely supplement the provided data to support joint denervation. The author's passion for the topic is easily ascertained from the text. Given the current opioid crisis, Joint Denervation provides a timely and valuable contribution to the treatment of pain, providing another tool for surgeons to address challenging problems.

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