I had a 37 hour labor during natural childbirth

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In November 2016, I had a 37 hour labor during natural childbirth and postpartum emergency surgery from a developing infection and to evacuate a hematoma which formed after delivery as my stitches from natural childbirth tore.  I saw several specialists seeking a treatment plan in the hopes of improving my pelvic pain condition and becoming pain free. I underwent numerous testing (mris, EMG, nerve conduction tests, ultrasounds, several pudendal nerve blocks, a urodynamic test and 3 attempts at pelvic floor PT). I tried medications, acupuncture, and no treatment helped me. Three of the nerve blocks were very painful and caused me to flare for a week at a time.
Specialists failed to treat me and actually caused me to be in additional pain and recommended several surgeries. Finally in February 2019, I saw Dr. Andrew Goldstein who diagnosed me and recommended I see Dr. Dellon for a consultation. I saw Dr. Dellon in April and scheduled surgery the next month. Currently, I am recovering from the surgery and it has been successful at numbing the areas where I felt pain. I had a neuroma on the right and left side and no other options existed to take away my pain.  I am so thankful to have found Dr. Dellon and to have had surgery.  I feel very fortunate to have my life back and to be able to enjoy my time with my husband and son Max. 
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