A new Peripheral Nerve Clinic has begun within the Plastic Surgery Department at Johns Hopkins Hospital

It meets the 2nd and 4th Friday morning each month, when Dr. Dellon is in Baltimore. At the first clinic, September 8, Dr. Rosson (on the left) is seen with Dr. Dellon. Dr. Rosson referred the first patient to the Nerve Clinic, which meets on Johns Hopkins Outpatient Clinic, 8th floor. The Nerve Clinic is staffed by Dr. Dellon, as the Attending Physician, and a Plastic Surgery Resident. Dr. George Kokosis, a 4th year Plastic Surgery Resident at Johns Hopkins Hospital is standing next to Dr. Dellon in front of the “Dome” at the entrance to the Hopkins Hospital. Dr. Kokosis worked with Dr. Dellon during the October 13 Nerve Clinic.

George Kokocis  Lee Dome Nerve Clinic 2 10 13 17

Lab Coats Gedge  Lee Nerve Clinic 1 9 8 17


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