June 5, 2015 Johns Hopkins Plastic Surgery Reunion

June 5, 2015 Johns Hopkins Plastic Surgery Reunion: The Four Chiefs of Plastic Surgery were all present. Here Dr A. Lee Dellon is with Dr Milton T. Edgerton, who went to Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, as did his father, who graduated there in 1912. Dr Edgerton became the first Chief of Plastic Surgery and was in this position during Dr. Dellon's four years at Johns Hopkins School Medicine. Dr Edgerton inspired Dr Dellon's early research into neurosensory testing and is a co-author with Dr Dellon, and Dr.Curtis, the first Hand Surgeon in Baltimore, on the first papers related to Sensory Re-Education and Sensory Recovery after Nerve Injury, published in the 1970¹s. Dr Edgerton is 95 years old.


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