Johns Hopkins Plastic Surgery reunion

Also at the Johns Hopkins Plastic Surgery reunion on June 5 was Dr. John (Jack) E. Hoopes. He, too, graduated from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and was the first person with whom Dr. Dellon did Plastic Surgery research during the end of his second year at the School of Medicine, in 1968. That surgery was related to the Cleft Palate Speech, and identified that the muscle that lifts the soft palate, the levator veli palatini, was located too far forward to let the soft palate reach the back wall of the throat, to close it, therefore allowing air to escape through the nose. Dr Dellon's work in this area led to the current operation the moves this muscle backwards, incorporated into all cleft palate closure techniques today. Dr. Hoopes subsequently left Johns Hopkins for a few years, moving to the Washington University School of Medicine to become its Chief of Plastic Surgery. He returned to become the second Chief of Plastic Surgery at Johns Hopkins when Dr. Edgerton moved to form a Department of Plastic Surgery at the University of Virginia. Dr Hoopes therefore trained Dr Dellon during Dr Dellon's Plastic Surgery residency, completed in 1978.


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