"He is now standing on one leg, his previously painful RSD leg, while pitching".

"Pre-Op This is appearance of RSD in the left foot before surgery"

Dr. Dellon was an angel sent from heaven to us. Rsd of the Foot

In December of 2008 Jeffrey went into the hospital for a routine surgery to have his ACL repaired.  He had a peripheral nerve block in place therefore was numbed from his thighs to his toes; a brace was put on his leg.  Unfortunately the brace was too tight.  The tight brace caused Compartment Syndrome, which then led to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  This caused a paralyzed leg and excruciating pain in his foot.

We met Dr. Dellon on June 16, 2009 and knew we trusted him immediately.  Dr. Dellon performed surgery on July 16, 2009, and the progress he has made since then is truly a miracle.  He is still working hard to this day towards the best possible outcome.

We will forever be grateful to Dr. Dellon for helping our son with his kind compassionate ways and most of all for his skilled hands that started us on the road to recovery!

--The McDonald Family

K. Hanson, Birmingham, Alabama Intercostal Nerve Pain

In January 2004, portions of my 6, 7, and 8th ribs were removed due to a plasmacytoma. The surgeon performed a muscle flap to cover the gap in the ribs. Although the surgeon was successful in getting all of the cancer, I was left with muscle and intercostal nerve damage. Over the past five years I have seen two thoracic surgeons, two plastic surgeons, a neurologist and have been to two pain management clinics. I have had multiple intercostal nerve blocks and epidurals, which worked for a few months, then became ineffective. I formed neuromas on the severed ends of the intercostal nerves. None of the physicians I consulted were willing to take the risk of repairing the damage because of the neural involvement.

I have had chronic excruciating and debilitating pain for five years, managed with morphine and hydrocodone for break-through pain. On February 16, 2009 I went to Gulf Breeze, FL to see Dr. Sean Wolfort with Dellon Institutes. He operated on February 18 and reconstructed muscle, removed a neuroma, buried a nerve in muscle, and removed two large cysts which formed due to muscle pulling away from bone (4 cm and 2 cm).
The difference in my pain level was immediate. I have not taken the morphine since the day before surgery and have not taken hydrocodone in nearly a month. I manage my discomfort with ibuprofen. Dr. Wolfort has been a Godsend. His self-confidence in his abilities and knowledge were comforting and well-deserved.

His positive attitude and genuine concern were like a breath of fresh air after being told numerous times that my pain was in my head and nothing could be done for me. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Wolfort for giving my life back to me.




Hello Dr. Dellon,

As promised, here is a current photo of me on my elliptical machine. Before the summer 2006 and summer 2007 surgeries I had pain in the right foot and numbness in the left and was facing a severe curtailment of my rigorous exercise program.

Your diagnosis pinpointed an underlying neuropathy missed by others. Following the 2006 surgery on the right foot and lower leg I regained significant function and relief of pain.

The 2007 procedure on left foot further improved my situation. Now as long as I wear very soft-soled shoes I can walk all I want--and even use the elliptical machine--without any pain.

I do feel stiffness in both feet in the morning on first awakening, but that immediately goes away once I move around. Although I have not developed diabetes (probably because of persistent exercise and careful attention to healthful eating), I now realize I have an underlying metabolic problem that will probably lead to further neuropathy in the future.

Knowing your procedure is available makes that knowledge far easier to handle.Thank you.

Diane Leos Neuropathy

Dear Doctor Dellon, Here is a photo of our son (Ignacio F. Chavez) who was a patient of yours. He had the partially paralyzed shoulder from playing football. He was able to play this year and made it thru with no additional injuries. We prayed God would give him just his senior year of playing football, and God, answered our prayers. We just want to thank you and your staff for the great hospitality and appreciate all the assistance you provided to us during his recovery. We also would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Patricia R. Chavez, (Ignacio's Mom)

Sierra Vista, Arizona Winging

Dear Dr Dellon,

 It was hard for most people to understand the frustration and suffering I experienced from more than 20 years of sporadic episodes of unexplained shooting pain in my toes. I saw multiple neurologists, orthopedists, pain specialists, osteopaths, chiropractors and therapists, and nobody had an explanation or a solution. I was even told by an emergency room doctor that there are no nerves in the top of my big toe, so I couldn't be feeling the pain that brought to him at 2 am and that I knew was absolutely real!

I would wake up in the middle of the night crying with pain and it would last for two to three days, and nothing helped. Eventually, having figured out which nerve was most likely the cause, and following an unsuccessful attempt by another surgeon to decompress the suspected nerve, the pain was constant and only a substantial daily dose of codeine relieved it.

Researching on line and following trails of information finally led us to you. The most amazing thing was your immediate comprehension of the problem and your willingness to try to track down the exact site of the nerve compression and attempt a surgical procedure to correct it. You suspected that the nerve was caught at the site of a 30 year old fracture of the tibia that had gradually built up scar tissue that trapped the nerve. To relieve the pain in my toes I needed surgery above the fracture site on my calf. Then, when the surgery was only partially successful, it became clear that an adjacent nerve was also trapped in the same area. You immediately scheduled a second surgery three weeks later to complete the job and relieve my pain.

Now, at the six week mark, I am off the codeine and relieved of all its nasty side effects. Last week, as you predicted, I returned to my favorite activity, sailing, and was jumping around the boat barefoot doing my usual tasks. Today I rode my bike for the first time in months. I still have some prickly sensation in the toes, especially at night, but it is quite bearable. Since it is gradually subsiding, I expect to be completely free of pain in the not too distant future.

I am 68 years young, and now feel that I have many years of productive activity ahead of me. I had almost lost hope that I could travel or commit myself to accept volunteer or family responsibilities since I never knew when I would be in severe pain or heavily drugged, or incapacitated for days at a time. As so many of your patients seem to say, I have my life back thanks to you.

Kayla Niles RSD of the Foot

Laura Olsen Testimonial 09 15 07 Groin Pain

Dr. Dellon-

I hope all is well with you. I wanted to write you since it has been
almost a year since you operated on me and give you an update. I am
doing and feeling great! Thanks to you. After my hernia repair, my abdominal and hip pain was so severe I couldn't hold a job or even do normal household chores. I had three years of pain until finally I was referred to you. Any activity at all would cause a shooting aching pain through my abdomen and hip and it would radiate down my leg and into my lower back. The first surgery you did relieved me of a majority of my pain and
allowed me to quit all the drug prescriptions I was then taking. The
second nerve surgery on my hip you did completely relieved me of all my pain.
Now I am living a normal life, as opposed to being bed ridden and
weighing less than 100 lbs.

I currently have a job at the University of Arizona, College of
Medicine-Phoenix as an administrative assistant for a fellowship
program. It is really nice to have a job and to not call in sick. I
also have been able to participate in any physical activity I like
without pain. I have attached a photo of me wakeboarding, which is something I
love to do but used to have to sit in the boat and just watch.

Words cannot describe how grateful I am that I was able to be in your
care. Thanks again for everything. Your talent and
knowledge have really blessed my life along with many others.


Laura Olson

Helen L. Pierson Tucson, Arizona


Dr. Peled of the Dellon Institutes,

This is a letter I feel is most necessary to thank you for my knee surgeries and the difference they have made in my life. What a miracle this has been for me; my quality of life has been totally improved. These are just a few of the ways in which my life has changed:
• Today, I am able to join to my family and friends to go shopping, buy groceries, and cook meals without having to quit as I could not stand long enough to finish what I had started.
• I could not stand to get goods, pots and pans, and clothes that were located in the lower drawers. My knees were in such pain when trying to reach any of these items.

Before this wonderful surgery, my pain was unbearable. All this came about when I had replacements of both knees. Having fibromyalgia, some of the nerve endings would not heal and this resulted in a great deal of pain for me. If I tried to get into any of the above-mentioned postures and with any changes in the weather, what it would do to me is almost unbelievable. Now, I can do all these moves without any pain at all!

The surgery itself was not painful. I only felt soreness around the stitches. I was able to get up and walk within an hour after waking up from surgery.

Thank you, Dr. Peled.

Helen L. Pierson
Tucson, Arizona

Anita Myers Baltimore, Maryland 4/16/07  Mortons Neuroma

Dear Dr. Eric Williams.

It has now been 8 weeks since you performed surgery on the Morton's Neuroma in my left foot. I had been suffering with this condition for about seven years, and the severity of it was getting worse with each passing year. In my efforts to walk on that foot, I started developing hip, knee and back problems as well. When on my feet, I was in constant, sometimes excruciating pain.

I liked your approach, which was to preserve my nerve, and not remove it as so many other doctor’s had suggested. So you did the “neurolysis”, just dividing the ligament that was pinching the nerve.... and the pain is G-O-N-E!!!... and so are the aches and problems in my back, hip and knees!!! My chiropractor even released me from his care, as I no longer needed therapy to keep me going. I have every confidence that the numbness will also subside in time, and I look forward to regaining agility as I increase my physical activities... WITHOUT PAIN, WITHOUT CANE!!

I will always be grateful to you and to the Dellon Institutes.


Anita Myers
Baltimore, Maryland

Teresa Rosetti, New York 10/12/06 Groin Pain


Dr. Dellon,

There is no way that I can thank you enough for giving me my life back. Although I know I will never be a competitive swimmer again because of you I am able to pass my gift onto others. I am currently coaching under my childhood coach for the swim team I swam on for a great deal of my life. As if coaching weren’t enough, I was able to teach my young niece how to swim. Seeing that she was born the day after one of my surgeries with you, I truly see her as a gift. You see her in the photo in the pool with me. Every time I carry her to the pool I think how sad it would if I was unable to pass my gift and passion for swimming to her.

After my life had changed from the intense physical activity of a Division I swimmer to a feeble and pained eighteen year old college freshman unable to walk I thought that my life would never be the same again; I thought that I would never be happy again. It turned out that my original pain was from a groin hernia. But when that was repaired I had a new pain that would just not go away. Upon seeking out any fragment of help we could from over fifty physicians and coming out empty han ded my family and I were truly at a loss. My pain management physician had me going down that never-ending drug trail.
Although, I realized my life would never be the same again I simply wanted to be able to live the life of an average eighteen year old. The hundreds of desperate attempts through cortisone injections, radiofrequency treatments and phenol injections only increased the pain leaving us more discouraged than ever. I had returned to school after having taken the second half of my freshman year off. I had been unable to focus on the few days that I could even make it to class The life I was living was so foreign to me and I needed a change.
The first time I met with you I was taking an absurd amount of narcotics. You identified that my pain was coming from nerves stuck in my hernia repair. You removed those damaged nerves, and also lengthened a torn groin muscle tendon that was injured during swimming. Your surgery has truly given me life back.

I had to drop out of College, but after your surgery, I was able to stop my drugs and complete College. As I walked across stage at graduation (see the photo) with all of my original classmates I looked up at my family and knew they were thinking the same thing, this is a miracle. Now that I am completing my second semester of graduate school I am absolutely amazed at the life I thought I was going to have compared to what I do have.

The joy of swimming is important to me, but the joy of my being able to live my life is certainly even more important. Your expertise is the reason that I walked across that stage, that I am able to take my niece into the water, that I am able to coach and that I am able to continue my studies.

My family and I are so grateful for what you have given us and we can not ever thank you enough.

Thank you!
Teresa Rosetti,

Agueda Herrero, Barcelona, Spain, December 2006 RSD of the Foot

Dear Dr Dellon,

I hope you remember me. I am the Doctor from Spain that you operated on one year ago. At that time I was unable to walk without pain and numbness in my leg due to a previous injury. My pain had been with me for years and getting worse. Your surgery has been completely successful. There are no longer the skin color changes in my foot and no swelling. The pain is gone.

You decompressed two nerves in my lower leg and gave the muscles room to grow again. Now I can do my usual work to visit patients, do my pulmonary medicine (bronchoscopy). I can walk without problems and I can dance with my wife again!!!!!!!!

When you come to Barcelona, please come and visit me.

Agueda Herrero, MD
Pulmonary Medicine Specialist
Barcelona, Spain

Michael Coleman, Belize, December 2006 Winging


Dear Dr Dellon,

It is 6 months since my last email to you. The nerve and tendon transfers you did for my paralyzed left arm, injured now two and a half years ago, continue to bring me increased left arm function. Here are two pictures from my most recent trip to Belize. Fish and Lobster catches with my spear gun. Thank you Doctor Dellon for helping me recover.

Michael & Tammy Coleman


Mickie Hale, Orting, WA, September 2006 RSD of the Hand

"Four years of total inability to use my right hand due to an accident at work was corrected in an afternoon with Dr. Dellon. I had been through numerous surgeries, doctors, specialists and tests...all told me that my condition was 'something I had to live with'. Dr. Dellon said, "No you don't!" It's been a year since my surgery and I've personally used my right hand to hand write every doctor I've ever seen regarding this that they need to advance their knowledge to Dr. Dellon's techniques. They work! I have my hand back!"


Jeane Plourde, Tahoe, NV, June 27, 2006 Winging

Dr. D, Tx to you, I have NO pain since surgery. I never thought I would ever be able to say that. You not only brought hope back in my life, you gave me back my life. How can one give enough thanks for such a miraculous gift? Due to my previous brachial plexus surgery, where they removed a rib from my armpit, my neck and shoulder hurt, I had migraine headaches, my breast hurt, and my hand was weak and tingling. I could not lift my hand over my head. I will be done with detox in one month (suboxen). Please accept my heartfilled love and admiration for your God given talent and dedication.


Denise Smathers, Tiffin, Ohio, June 19, 2006 peroneal palsy

For over two years, I struggled with pain, numbness and progressive weakness in my right foot, ankle and leg. I saw specialist after specialist and had numerous tests: MRI's, X-RAYS, EMG's... I finally found an Orthopedic surgeon at The Cleveland Clinic who discovered that I had a tumor on the nerve that controls my walking, the common peroneal nerve. He tried twice with surgery and did remove the tumor, but my symptoms came back each time. By March of 2006, I couldn't lift my right toes off the ground and was tripping and falling more and more. My surgeon knew of a doctor who dealt just with nerve-related problems: Dr. A. Lee Dellon. I flew to Baltimore, met Dr. Dellon and had surgery on April 20. Amazingly, when I awoke from the one and one-half hour operation, I could already move my foot and wiggle my toes freely! Since that day, I haven't tripped even once. My recovery has been smooth and quick, and my foot and ankle feel stronger each day. I still can't quite believe it's real, and I find myself kicking off my shoe and flexing my toes several times a day, just to make sure they work! I will be forever grateful to Dr. Dellon and his wonderful staff for the excellent care I received.

Thank you Dr. Dellon!

Mike and Tammi Coleman, Denver, Colorado May 2006 Winging

May 12th, 2004 (Two years ago) I was roping a cow off of my ATV (4 Wheeler) when the rope wrapped around my hand, arm and tire. It yanked me off and I was drug from behind the ATV. I sustained multiple injuries including a shattered left hip, frontal brain injury, a severe Brachial Plexsus injury of the left arm, compound fractures of two fingers, and a missing finger.

After a series of surgeries I have remarkable function considering the Neurologists in Colorado did not give me any hope of ever using my arm or hand again. I'm sending you photos of me scuba diving, kayaking and drinking a toast to you in Belize, Central America!

Thanks for everything!

The Cowboy and The Nurse

Anonymous, from Northern Virginia April 2006 Groin Pain

Dr. Dellon,

My groin surgery was eight months ago today. I wanted to send you a progress report feel that I have made great progress. You remember that I had 11 operations in 16 months before your help.

First, the measurable progress:

• I am no longer in constant, excruciating pain.
• I am no longer on enough narcotics for ten junkies. My last dose of narcotic medication was October 3, 2004.
• I do not have an implanted electronic stimulation device.
• I have no open surgical wounds or infections.
• Since you untangled my nerves, I have regained all sexual function. I had lost at least 85% before surgery.
• I have regained a great deal of my concentration, memory, and the ability to do complex mathematical and financial computations. The combination of multiple surgeries, anesthesia, and pain medications had limited most of these functions, along with the ability to write creatively.

On most days I am able to:
• Drive a few miles around town.
• Run short errands to the store, post office, library, and bank.
• Eat lunch with a friend.
• Tutor a high school student in math and science.
• On really good days I can walk around the block.

I am so much better than I was the day that I first walked into your office. Thank you for all that you have done to make my life more liveable.

Kate McGrath, Wilmington, MA May 20, 2006 Knee Pain

Dear Doctor Hung and Doctor Dellon,

After six years of constant, never-ending pain, several knee surgeries, pain blocks, a multitude of braces, crutches, hundreds of hours of physical therapy, TENS Units, and pain subscriptions of all types, my diagnosis of RSD (Reflexive Sympathetic Dystrophy) remained untreated. I went to many doctors at different hospitals and they all did the same thing, epidural pain blocks, medicines, pain patches, and TENS Units that never helped. I felt hopeless because no one had a solution for me and all I wanted was to live a pain free day. Then I had the great fortune of being referred to your office by my physical therapist that heard about other miracles that you have performed.

Now, a short three months after the knee denervation surgery, my knee is amazing! I forgot how it felt to not have pain every second of the day, but now I can go through a day of school and sports and not have that distraction. It is a phenomenal feeling! I am running two miles a day at lacrosse and more during the weekend. I was able to walk all around Europe and actually enjoy it because there was nothing slowing me down. I am captain of my high school lacrosse team and I can be less distracted and more aggressive as goalie in varsity field hockey. I am also very excited that sports can again be part of my college search. It is such a relief to play my sports pain free now, to be able to do normal kid things, and most importantly, to have that obstacle of dealing with the pain out of my life.

This would have never been possible without your extraordinary work and intelligence in this field of medicine. You two are my true heroes for finally making my life more enjoyable and pain-free. There is nothing I could every say or do to show you my gratitude.

Thank-You so much,

Kate McGrath
Wilmington, MA

Sari Connolly, Las Vegas, Nevada, January 17, 2006 Mortons Neuroma

Dear Dr. Dellon,

Thank you. I'm doing great! In fact, I ran in the Las Vegas Marathon last month and am teaching 7 classes a week. My foot feels 100% fine... just a little itch on the scar every now and then. Otherwise it's perfect!

I would also like to say that the post surgery was completely painless. I didn't have one second of pain, and that was a very pleasant surprise. In fact, I taught kickboxing 4 days after surgery... but only jumped on one foot.

I am sending you the picture they took of me at the finish line...

Las Vegas, NV

Audrey Jacks, New Orleans, LA , September 2005 neuropathy


Dear Dr Dellon,

It has now been 8 months since you did the surgery that took the pressure off the nerves in my left foot. It was three years since that painful neuropathy began. My feet were even starting to turn colors. It was worse with walking, which caused terrific pain. No one knew the cause of my neuropathy. You found that there were three different places in my leg where my nerves were compressed.

I have to tell you that I am truly getting better. So much so that I really don't think I will need to have the other foot done, which is hard to understand. It is not 100% yet, but it so much better than before. I'm able to walk quite a lot now without pain. I bouth an elliptical machine and am using it very gently.

Here is a picture of me on my machine excercising at home.

Guess you are busy as before. Are you still teaching? Tell Lisa, Rita, and Gina, the girls in your office hello for me. I am so grateful for all you've done for me.

Audry Jacks
Metairie, (New Orleans), La.


Susan Brown(Anna's Mother), La Jolla, CA, September 2005 Crushed Foot

Dear Dr Dellon:

 Anna and I wanted to give you a follow-up report on how her right foot is doing following your surgery three years ago. At that time she stopped competitive figure skating because of the pain in the dorsum (top) of her right foot. This hurt particularly with take offs and landings during her jumps. She had seen many doctors as she was competing at the level of the national team. There were no stress fractures, and she had tried all types of skates. You diagnosed an entrapment a nerve on the top of her foot , beneath a tendon and crossing a bone. This is compression of the deep peroneal nerve, a condition you first described. Well..........

All is well, Anna's foot is great, She is finishing her last year in college in Colorado, and well, missed skating so much she is training and doing triple jumps again. She will be going to qualifying competitions . She loves the compitition so , and can now look at it somehow with new eyes !!! The foot is as if nothing had ever happened to it ....

Again Thank you ....
Susan Brown
La Jolla, CA

Susan Smiley, Dublin, Ohio, June 2005 Groin pain

Dear Dr Dellon:

Just a note to let you know I'm doing much better since having the pelvic nerve resections (June 2004 and Sept. 2004). The pelvic pain has gone away. No longer do I have the aggravating pelvic pain that I've had to live with for 6 years. After having the right side done in June, I then suffered the remainder of the summer with left sided pelvic pain until having the surgery in September. Now, I have a deep sensation on either side more like a pressure sensation maybe numbness- but it is so much better than the intolerable nerve pain. You really have given me my life back.

I'm so grateful to you for all your help. I just thank God that I was able to find you - I was given no hope for significant relief of my pain. Thank you for your research in nerve surgery and your interest in educating physicians in this topic. It is certainly very much needed.

Let me know if you have a foundation for future contributions to nerve research, or have a medical organization that needs contributions. I would like to help in any way that I can.

Thank you so much!
Susan Smiley


JWCbb, St. Andrews, Scotland, April 2005 Neuropathy

JWCbb completing 18 holes at St. Andrew's Old Course, Scotland, three years after bilater peripheral nerve decompressions by Dr. A. Lee Dellon.

Steven Lisberger, Santa Monica, CA, March 2005 Groi

Steven Lisberger I had a laprascopic hernia repair that fixed my hernia but left me with permanent nerve damage. The chronic pain left me completely disabled for years. I needed medication to make it through the day. After two unsuccessful exploratory surgeries by other surgeons I found Dr. Dellon. There is no better way to say it - Dr. Dellon gave me my life back.

Not only had the original surgery left me in chronic pain but the problem seemed impossible to diagnosis and repair. Before Dr. Dellon, I had 2 MRIs, numerous nerve blocks, countless visits to neurologists, hernia specialists, and neurosurgeons in Los Angeles and New York, and the problem seemed to be beyond the reach of all of them. I had lost all faith in modern medicine. I was warned that any nerve surgery would only increase my existing pain, or worse, might leave me with phantom pain, and that I would have to be on pain medication the rest of my life. I was told by numerous doctors and surgeons that no one would ever really know what went wrong. My prognosis couldn't have been worse. It was the most trying time of my life. It was all too clear to me that most surgeons prefer cookie cutter operations and once one is no longer 'normal' they would just as soon avoid you and your problem, even if they created it.

Dr. Dellon was the exact opposite. He was confident, extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and more than ready to take on the "basket case" I was. At first one asks oneself why he is so different than the others? The answer is what I hoped it was. He gets an enormous amount of satisfaction from pitting his exceptional surgical abilities and intellect against very difficult and unique surgical problems that are beyond the capabilities of average surgeons.

When he operated on me, after those years of excruciating pain I barely dared to hope for a positive outcome. He had a difficult time getting my confidence up. It is now over five years since his surgery and I am pain free. He located the source of my pain, an errant surgical tack and he cut two of my groin nerves just like he said he would. I had immediate relief. In my case, and he said this would occur, I had some intermittent aches and pains over the next two years or so, as my nerves healed, numbness abated, and my mind struggled to get used to not having constant pain. I must admit during that time I was scared more than once that these pains might be the return of my problem but he said it wasn't and again he was right. Looking back on that time I realize it was all part of the recovery process not just for my body but for my mind as well. These days I ski, chop wood, body surf and do anything a fifty something person can do. I am not sure if my faith in modern medicine is restored but my faith in Dr. Dellon makes up for it.

Linda Bszotski, Pennsylvania, December 2004


Linda Golfing Dear Dr. Dellon:

My life has changed in so many ways because of the surgery that you did. The pain in my left leg, the one that required amputation is now gone. I did not realize how much pain I was in. I had gotten used to it, but then I could no longer wear my prosthesis. Now, after your surgery, I am sleeping again, enjoying eating again, and smiling again.

I have enclosed photos of me playing golf and skiing, wearing the prosthesis.

You were able to find the painful nerves, and relocate them. Words cannot express how I feel. I have my life back.

The word has to get out about peripheral nerve damage, so others with pain can be helped. Linda Skiing

Linda Bszotski
Nicholson, Pennsylvania

Carolyn Little, Altavista, Virginia, December 2004 Neuropathy

To Whom it May Concern,

I am a former patient of Dr. Dellon. He did nerve decompressions in both of my feet and both of my hands, requiring four different operations over the course of one year. My hands and feet continue now to have feeling and relief of pain. He was the first to tell me I had a neuropathy related to what they called then "predibetes" and now they call the Metabolic Syndrome, or hyperinsulinemia. He predicted that one day I would be told that I had diabetes, and last year, in fact , they did finally make that diagnosis.

I first saw him in 1994, the first of many visits. And the first of many surgeries. Surgeries which saved me years of pain and diablities in my arms and hands. I owe him so much. He gave me hope and a diagnosis when Doctors in Virginia did nothing.

I will never forget him and I constantly tell others about him. Not only about his abilities in the operating room but also of his caring and wonderful treatment of his patients. A Doctor who cares and shows it!

I owe him much, but I know that there is no way I can ever repay him, except to ask God to Bless him always!

Carolyn Little
Altavista, Virginia

Grisha & Gregg Phillips, New York, October 2004 RSD of Lower Foot

Dear Dr. Dellon:

About a year ago my son Gregg was suffering from Tarsal Tunnel syndrome. His case was rather severe and when we would travel, he found it necessary to have a wheelchair. He was constantly in pain and could not walk any distance without some assistance. One day, I picked up a copy of USA Today which featured an article on Podiatry. I guess it was meant to be. Fortunately this article lead us to you. It is obvious why you have such a wonderful reputation in your field. Gregg had been suffering for a few years, seen many different doctors, all with various diagnosis and suggestions. Nothing seem to help him. The doctors were not terribly encouraging. Up until seeing you, we had almost given up all hope of ever finding a successful solution. We were most encouraged by your understanding and grasp of the problem. You instilled confidence and we decided to follow through with your advice and have surgery to correct the problem. Here it is a year later and Gregg is pain free. It is so wonderful to know that he can now plan to go places and do things with his family, and not have to worry about his feet hurting him.

I might also add that both Lisa and Rita in your office were wonderful and extremely helpful. Everything was handled in a very professional manner. The services by everyone were very much appreciated. We hope this letter is an inspiration to others who might be contemplating similar surgery with you.

Gregg joins me in thanking you again for everything. Best regards to you and your competent staff.

Grisha S. Phillips
Gregg Phillips (Syracuse, New York)

Florence Steele, September 2004


Florence digging clamsDear Dr. Dellon:

Since the surgeries you did on both my legs and feet three years ago, I can honestly say that I seldom ever have any pain in my legs or feet due to neuropathy. I am experiencing residual pain in my calves from being on the statin, Lipitor, for so many years. As you know, I did not have diabetes, and the cause of my previous neuropathy pain remains unknown.

I recently had a chance to look up your new website, dellonipns.com and although I did not have diabetes, I found the site to be very informative. Also, I finally found the time to go to neuropathysouthwest.com, and find out about the Diabetic Neuropathy Foundation of the Southwest. I think it is a wonderful idea.

Florence walking Toots I am so very thankful that you took me as a patient and relieved me of the pain in my feet - it has been wonderful to be without pain.

My sincere thanks,

Florence Steele

Mary Davis, Kattskill Bay, NY, September 2003


I'm not a diabetic. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after surgery in December of 1998 and went through chemotherapy from January to May of 1999. Towards the end of chemo, I began to feel tingling and numbness in my hands and feet. Upon finishing chemo, the nurses told me I'd feel "like my 'ole self'"in three months.

The tingling in my hands diminished after chemo while the sensations in my feet escalated and the numbness continued. My feet felt like they were encased in socks filled with tiny glass slivers (24/7). They were hypersensitive to heat and cold. Neurontin (2400 mg/day) and elavil in the evenings "took the edge off", reducing the glass slivers to sand and gravel.

I was working full time, but by the time I got home in the evening, my feet and body were aching so much I wasn't able to continue standing to prepare dinner. I was exhausted from the mental distraction of trying to ignore the pain as I worked through the day. I kept wondering why I wasn't feeling better. My pain level was 9-10 on a 10 scale.

When I walked with others, I found myself unable to keep up, no matter how hard I tried. I didn't feel any better than a month after completing chemo. I had been a ski patroller for 30 years and was no longer able to perform on-hill/on-skis duties. At work, I was finding that tasks such as climbing a ladder or hiking through the woods were approaching impossible (due to loss of sensory/balance and motor functions), leaving me faced with becoming disable and no longer able to work. I was under treatment for depression and had lost the joy in my life.

My oncologist told me that I needed to get out and walk more (before chemo I had been faithfully walking 2 miles a day 4-5 days a week). I tried to return to walking and after a mile, found myself clinging to a telephone pole with tears in my eyes from the pain in my feet. As I took my socks off when I got home, I noticed that they were bloody and found large broken blisters on the bottoms of both feet (so numb I didn't even feel it).

While I continued to be told "there's nothing more (than medication) that can be done," I turned to the internet in search of an answer as to why not. That's where I found Dr. Dellon in October of 2001. After a few exchanges of email, I was in Baltimore for testing and consultation. I learned that my onset predated the research that had been done on chemo induced neuropathy and was advised that although "something could be done" it was unsure as to what extent I might shed the pain and regain sensory and motor function. The explanation of how the chemo damaged the nerves made sense to me and I figured that I had nothing to lose life wasn't worth it living as I was, so any improvement was better than how things were.

I had surgery on my right knee, ankle, and foot in January of 2002 and on the left one in May of 2002. By November I could clearly see progress. I was taking less medication AND I was no longer stumbling when I walked. By late December I realized that I had to discipline myself to not stare at the ground and analyze each step; that I could trust my feet to sense balance as I walked.

I am now (09/03) over a year out from both surgeries. Although I'm still taking medication for the pain (down to 1200-1600 mg. of neurontin daily, depending on my level of activity) and I am not up to full speed, I continue to see progress and have sufficient feeling back in my feet so I no longer stumble and trip and they don't get blistered when I walk. Most importantly, I am no longer living with severe chronic pain (now ranges from 2-5, depending on level of activity, and continues to drop) and I have returned to full duties at work along with resuming recreational activities such as snow skiing that I love so much.

Thomas N. Zirkle, January 2004 Neuropathy

Thomas Hunting Before the operation, my feet were in real pain. Even getting out of bed was a real problem because my feet hurt so much. Walking and standing for any amount of time was almost impossible. I could not even pivot up on my toes to get in my truck. I had to pull myself up and in flat footed.

I had tried every orthotic including some that cost two and three hundred dollars. I think they only shift the pain from one area to another and do not do anything to relieve the pain. Other doctors were telling me that foot alignment was the problem when the nerves in my feet were dying.

Pain medications including Neurontin (which is most doctors favorite) only numb the dying nerves so that you may feel less pain.

Thomas Hunting Dr. Dellon's operation greatly increased the feeling and strength in my feet. The feeling has increased and pain has been reduced. The strength has increased until I can now stand on my tip toes without problems. Getting in the truck is no longer a problem. My stability has improved until I am no longer tripping over objects on the floor. I am able to walk through the house barefooted. As a matter of fact, barefooted is when my feet feel best. I am now able to enjoy hunting and fishing trips without pain!

There are five things I think will help diabetics with foot neuropathy. One, stop pain medications. Two, quit all statin cholesterol medication (get zieta which works in the stomach). Three, get correct and loose fitting shoes. Four, maintain absolute control of your blood glucose level (a 5.7 a1c level). And last, and most important of all, get this operation to increase the blood flow and restore the feeling and strength in your feet.


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