Ulnar Nerve

Five other ulnar nerve surgeries left my arm in pain. Dr Dellon, after your surgery I am all smiles. Tx AG

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Dr Dellon it is called a dragster, it is 237" long (24 feet from nose to parachute). It is powered by a 421 small block chevy with 700 horse power.I went 5.80 secs in the 1/8th mile at 125 mph, wow, what a rush. I would not have been able to do this without you, you will always we in my heart as I race down the track, four wheel with myhubby and snowmobile with out any issues related to my shoulder, neck and elbow so again thank you. I will keep in touch as I hope you do. I thought you would enjoy seeing me get out of the dragster using both arms, no help, yeah, again it was a complete rush and I cannot wait until next season when we travel more. It is one year since you released my brachial plexus and transposed my ulnar nerve. Thanks again. Pauline S.


Me, pitching my first college baseball game. My "thrower's elbow" pain is gone. My confidence is back.Tx Dr Dellon. BR

Brian Roden First Freshman Game

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Snapping my fingers again. Your ulnar nerve transposition was just what I needed. Tx Dr D.



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My ulnar nerve palsy reconstruction is doing great. Here I am sailing. We won the race. It is one year since my electrical burn destroyed my ulnar nerve. My sensation is coming back and so is my hand function. Thanks Dr Dellon. Ted in New England



My hand, elbow and arm feel so much better after you worked on my ulnar nerve at the elbow. The previous surgeon was not able to get that surgery to work, but you did. Would you now do my other arm? Barbara from NJ

 Surgery by Dr. Eric Williams

This patient has had 3.5 years of left hand pain in the palm and 4th and 5th finger. She is 6 weeks from a redo decompression of the ulnar nerve at the wrist and removal of several small branches of the nerves to the palm of the hand. Previously she could not stand to have the hand touched. Now she is 100% better. She can use the hand without limitations. She has had an excellent outcome



Surgery by Dr Eric Williams

Young woman with severe chronic persistant pain in her left hand after injury and previous surgery to treat that injury. When she was sent to us, she had a hard time even touching the skin in the palm of her hand and the 4th and 5th finger. She had a decompression of the ulnar nerve at the wrist and we removed several small nerve branches to the skin of the palm (ulnar palmar cutaneous nerve) that were stuck in scar tissue from her previous operation. She has had an excellent response to surgery. Her sensation is better and her pain is gone.

Jenn the Baker

Jenn the Baker returns to unique cooking skills after Dr Dellon corrects her ULNAR NERVE problem. Now ten months after difficult ulnar nerve surgery, Jenn is fully capable to work as a baker.

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